Take the FREE Enneagram test with your team!

Learn how to build winning teams by understanding how to effectively communicate with each of the 9 different personality types.

Up your Game

Increase your Emotional Intelligence and up your game. The better connected you are to your team, the more engaged and committed your teams will be to achieving the results you desire.

  • Create a positive environment through better and more effective communication.
  • Help improve self-awareness and clarify goals.
  • Unlock potential.
  • Discover the areas that need some time, attention, and intention. 
  • Improving self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

How to utilize Enneagram in sports to develop a winning culture within your team.

Send the test link to your team and have them send you their results. Print out the overview of each type and use them in a classroom session with your team.

Discussion points for your team include:

  • Which of the three numbers sent to them do they identify with most?
  • How many of each type are on your team – break them into groups by their number
  • Review communication tips as a group and ask for feedback
  • Make sure the players know each coach’s Enneagram type

Based on the Enneagram there are Nine different personality types.

Youth Sports Matter

Coaching matters. Youth sports have the power to change lives. Coaches are in a unique position with the power to influence children both on and off the field by developing more than just a skill or talent, they develop character and work ethic.

Sports teach our kids how to succeed with class and lose with dignity. Sports teach responsibility, accountability, commitment, respect, work ethic, passion, and so much more. This is why we sign our kids up to play youth sports.

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