Creative, Sensitive, Temperamental.

Fours are motivated by a need to be unique and special; they typically feel something is missing and others have it. Fours are very creative and always see what is special in others. They bring a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box suggestions to the table. They don’t necessarily care if you don’t use their suggestions as long as it is clear you heard and understood them.

Fours tend to look at what is missing in their performance or their game instead of looking at what they really have. As a result, they can develop a constant comparison with others, which feeds the feeling of inadequacy towards themselves. Because of their difficulty in dealing with internal criticism they can become extreme critics of their teammates or of themselves.

Here are tips for success in coaching and developing a Four to their full potential:

If your player is a Four: 

  • Allow Fours to express their game in a creative, unique way.
  • Loss is real to a Four, let them mourn it and teach them to set it aside.
  • Help them focus on the good and not focus only on what is missing.
  • Never tell a Four they are too sensitive or are overreacting. It will only exacerbate the problem.
  • Fours can become anti-authoritarian or rebellious when harshly criticized or they do not feel understood.
  • Reiterate that the work they are doing is contributing to a higher purpose, a larger goal.
  • Utilize their creative minds, ask for input on positions or drills that require a creative approach.
  • Be clear that you appreciate them for nothing other than who they are as a person.
  • Set-up regular one-on-one time with them such as 5 minutes before or after practice to make sure they feel understood and valued.
  • Avoid comparing a Four to other players on the team.

If your Coach is a Four:

  • They support their player’s creativity and originality
  • Fours as coaches help bring out the best in their players by teaching the meaning in what they are working toward
  • They have a push-pull habit of attention. The Four’s focus can turn to your negative aspects when you are present and to positive aspects with the safety of distance.

If you are a Four:

Remember you can be happy with the ordinary, there is beauty even in the mundane. Work on creating rhythm and structure in your life.