Pleasant, Laid-Back, Accommodating.

Nines are motivated by a need to keep the peace, merge with others and avoid conflict. They have the ability to reconcile seemingly irreconcilable points of view. Nines want things to feel comfortable and operate without hassle. They have a deep desire for their teammates to all get along, like each other and like the coach.

Nines are at risk of not developing their unique personal style of the game because they accommodate the suggestions of others and in turn depreciating their self-value as an athlete.

Here are tips for success in coaching and developing a Nine to their full potential:

If your Player is a Nine: 

  • Establish clear expectations and performance goals.
  • Nines flourish in conditions with a positive support system they avoid self-promotion. They want recognition but will not ask for it.
  • Encourage Nines to express their personal opinions and preferences rather than mirror those of the group.
  • Give them a healthy routine to repeat.
  • Do not let Nines sell themselves short, they have considerable skills but undervalue themselves.
  • Nines need time to process. Don’t ask them to make quick decisions.
  • Nines can develop passive-aggressive behaviors, like procrastination and avoidance. Teach them it is okay to be honest if they feel angry about a situation.
  • Nines make decisions easily when they are given choices. They know what they don’t want more readily than what they do want.
  • Laugh with a Nine and share in their enjoyment of life.
  • They can feel paralyzed by making decisions, help them overcome this by using the guided discovery teaching approach.

If your Coach is a Nine:

  • They are supportive, kind, and warm with the ability to build consensus in a team setting.
  • They like procedures, lines of command, and rewards to be well defined.
  • Make sure you always listen to the coach and take instructions seriously the first time.  

If you are a Nine:

Remember that avoiding the battle you need to fight and allowing it to loom over your head will drain your energy more than you realize.