Committed, Determined, Disciplined.

Ones are motivated by a need to perfect themselves, others, and the world. Ones will make sure your team is on task and focused at all times. They have high standards and ethics for themselves and those around them. They are responsible and dedicated to everything they do. They have a high desire to be the best they can be and bring out the best in those around them.

As players they have an exaggerated demand on results, they keep a very hard and constant internal dialogue which can affect the way they perceive the game. Ones have excessively high standards and tend to focus on mistakes. This can compromise the progression of their technical and performance development if not monitored.

Here are tips for success in coaching and developing a One to their full potential:

If your player is a One: 

  • Ones have a remarkable talent for quickly spotting mistakes and improving things.
  • One’s value clarity. Explain exactly how you want a job done and give them deadlines.
  • Reshape abstract approaches into step-by-step procedures.
  • One’s communication strength is teaching, utilize them to help teach a skill to the team.
  • If you see procrastination remind them of past successes and assure them it’s okay to make mistakes.
  • Help them shift their focus from what’s wrong to what’s right.
  • Tell them when they are doing a good job and be specific about what you find impressive about their work.
  • Never harshly criticize a One in public or they will respond defensively, as they are already extremely hard on themselves. If there’s an issue, pull them aside to discuss it.
  • They can tend to avoid risk because risk’s lead to mistakes. Encourage them to take chances.
  • Ones are drawn to groups that share their ideals but can end up feeling overworked because others don’t get things done “right”. Resentments can build and they feel the need to leave.

If your Coach is a One:

  • Ask for regular feedback but don’t expect lavish compliments.
  • Don’t be offended if they initially hesitate to delegate tasks to you.
  • Follow the guidelines or rules your One Coach has put in place.

If you are a One:

Play and laugh, remember it is not your job to fix everyone and everything. Somethings yes, everyone and everything no.