Energetic, Lively, and Optimistic.

Sevens want to contribute to the world. They are motivated by a need to be happy, to plan stimulating experiences and to avoid difficult feelings. Sevens are terrific team players. They are friendly and popular and bring a much-needed spontaneity to any team. They can spot unseen patterns and connect the dots inside complex bodies of knowledge.

Sevens have an unconscious need for freedom and fun, this creates a challenge for developing systematic routines that are required to develop their skills. They avoid repetitive training plans because unconsciously that makes them feel stuck on processes. Sevens may find it hard to grow to new levels of performance if they do not develop the discipline to concentrate and focus in a specific moment.

Here are tips for success in coaching and developing a Seven to their full potential:

If your Player is a Seven: 

  • Sevens can be impatient; they want action right now instead of waiting for the procedure.
  • Appreciate their grand visions and listen to their stories.
  • The main problem with a Seven is getting them to see the problem.
  • Sevens find it hard to commit to a single course of action, they love to keep their options open.
  • Sevens respond well to the self-guided discovery method of teaching.
  • It is important for Sevens to always have a plan for what happens next.
  • Engage with Sevens in stimulating conversation and laughter.
  • Don’t let optimistic Sevens downplay or wallpaper over problems and failures.
  • Correcting a Seven is best with the positive, negative, positive approach. Always end on a positive.
  • Offer firmness AND flexibility for them to be successful in the training environment.
  • Sevens are easily distractible. Hold their feet to the fire until they complete the task at hand.

If your Coach is a Seven:

  • Their optimistic, creative, and confident. Their boundless energy can move things along at a quick pace.
  • They expect you to be responsible for yourself, they dislike clingy or needy.
  • They see the world as full of opportunity and options, this provides the ability to move on quickly after a loss or team setback.

If you are a Seven:

Trust the process when you get to the messy middle. Grit is just as rewarding as chasing the next great idea.